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Cannabis Dispensary Websites

A Legendary Cannabis Brand Designer by VaporDave

Fully branded cannabis dispensary websites with Dutchie store embedded. The process involves me creating your website from scratch in WordPress, whether you already have an existing website or this is your first ever website. Depending on what level of edits you want to make to your website after its completion and launch, the WordPress theme chosen will vary from very user-friendly to one that's more advanced and requires significant website building experience. The tradeoff is that the user-friendly one won't let you do much other than pre-built components, while the more advanced one will allow for greater flexibility in the design and editing process.
Normal launch time is one month from receipt of project retainer, which is 1/2 of the $4,200 monthly fee included with this offer.
If selecting the monthly retainer option included with this offer—to maximize the effectiveness and reach of your website—the monthly retainer is $420 with an hourly rate of $42.00/hr for any work after the 10 hours included with the monthly retainer.

from $4,200

Cannabis Product Package Design

A Legendary Cannabis Brand Designer by VaporDave

Whether it's a box for your dabs, a mylar bag for your flower, a tube for your pre-roll, or a clamshell package for your vape cart I have you covered. As a professionally trained graphic designer with decades of experience in the cannabis industry, I elevate brands to the top of their fields.
As package design can vary greatly in terms of hours needed for completion depending on the project, my rates will vary accordingly.
The first step is a free initial consultation with you to determine your needs, after which we figure out how to make your budget meet my needs for getting paid.
The minimum monthly retainer for my skills is $1,420.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get you rolling and out there for your audience to see and buy.

from $1,420

Branding & Identity

A Legendary Cannabis Brand Designer by VaporDave

With several decades of cannabis branding experience, including legendary global brands, I bring the Midas touch (everything turns to gold) to cannabis branding. From initial consultation to finished logo design, my goal is to extract exactly what's in your mind in terms of what you're visualizing for your identity. My versatility allows me to create your style, not give you my style. In these days of AI logo creation and/or the hiring of well-meaning but ultimately untrained amateurs from various parts of the globe, I offer you my skills as a trained graphic designer with a professional education and years of experience.
The way it works is we have an initial consultation where we work out the production schedule (usually three weeks), after which you pay me half up front and the balance upon completion. During the process I give you three separate rough designs to choose from, and after you've chosen one of them I refine it and show it to you for final feedback. Once it's dialed in, I deliver your logo identity to you in vector format, along with a written statement granting you all rights to your logo for perpetuity.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get you on the track to success!
My current rates for legendary cannabis branding are $1,500, with half up front and half due upon completion.

from $1,500