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Is your canna-business in need of a fresh, fun, diverse, AND knowledgeable face to help drive and SPARK your brand awareness/sales?

Well, look no further! I go by “Mystic Mommy”: your favorite and trusted CannaMom and Holistic Wellness Advocate!

I provide relatable, fun, and digestible cannabis educational videos/product reviews and promotional wellness content that is high quality. I also write cannabis blog articles, Social Media Posts, and produce graphic design work! Check out some of my creative content on my YouTube channel “Mystic Mommy TV” and on Instagram @ShopBohemianTrove. Tune into my live streams here on Hi-Curious every first and third Monday of the month for “Mystic Mondayze!”

Book me! Why?

I know a little about a lot of things and I love to serve! I have 2 years of retail Cannabis experience working directly with consumers from all backgrounds, educating, consulting, and assisting them with their purchases at a high-volume premiere medical/recreation dispensary. With a vast working knowledge of various brands, ways to consume, and product types available in the market, you will be working with someone who is not only likable on camera and off, but also well-versed in the industry.

I have earned numerous certificates regarding cannabis product knowledge and social media marketing/content creation through LinkedIn Learning and Learn Brands. I am working towards becoming a Certified Cannabis Coach in the near future and I aspire to be a Master Herbalist one day. I have a strong background in customer service and education. I want to serve our communities by providing knowledge about plant medicines as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

I self-medicate with THC and CBD products to support my personal wellness journey and use other holistic techniques such as meditation, sound therapy, essential oils, affirmations, charging water, and breathwork. I enjoy sharing these strategies with my social media audience as a way to give back to the community and give others the tools for self-care and self-mastery.
I believe that cannabis is a gift from the Creator and it is meant to be used as a tool for our benefit. I want to help erase the stigma behind this magical flower that heals and helps so many.

My works:

I love to educate, create, and resonate on high vibrations with other like-minded individuals. Reach out to me, I would love to collaborate!

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Mystic Mondayze Sponsorship

Bohemian Trove by Mystic Mommy

Includes bi-weekly feature when I go LIVE for Mystic Mondayze where we come together to casually consume cannabis and I speak my truth by sharing all things esoterica and holistic wellness. Your product/brand will have 1-2 short segment(s) (approx. 5 mins or less) within the livestream where I will promote it and showcase how the product was used. For longer streams I will offer an additional segment. I am open to direction and specifics your brand may have in mind. I am flexible and eager to collaborate!

(3 spots available per month)

You provide the samples.

from $50

CannaMom Chronicles: Product Review Videos

Bohemian Trove by Mystic Mommy

Let me review/demonstrate/showcase your wellness products!

Whether it’s cannabis flower, CBD products, other herbal wellness products, smoking accessories, etc., I will create a compelling, insightful, and authentic testimonial video with information about the product that consumers want to know as well as my own recommendations. I will take into consideration any and all ideas and parameters you require! I can’t wait to collaborate and try out your products for my viewers!

The review offer includes:

•Two videos per month that could easily be posted to your company’s YouTube channel, website, Instagram, or Facebook page. (approx. 3 mins or less)
•I will show off the product, try it out on camera, and give relevant information from dosages to effects, to design, etc.
•Two short sneak peeks 1 minute or fewer video clips that can be used for YouTube shorts/Instagram stories/reels, Tiktok, etc.
•This offer is open to changes and is flexible to fulfill your business needs.
•These reviews will also be published on my platforms as well.
•Includes captions I curate with hashtags and SEO in mind.

from $420

Canna Class: Educational Content

Bohemian Trove by Mystic Mommy

With cannabis on the rise, a lot of newcomers have questions about...well everything!

I can create Q&A educational videos about common questions new consumers have.

Example questions would be:

-Whats the difference between indica, sativa, and hybrid?
-How do I know how many gummies to take?
-What should I look for in a strain?

These kinds of videos would be:
• short enough to retain an audience (less than 4 minutes)
• professional and/or entertaining dependent on your business needs.

These videos could work well for your website or for your social media content. Lots of these questions I offer insights on a daily basis at my job as a budtender!

On a monthly basis, I could provide:

•4 videos like this for you, with or without corresponding infographics, and captions to go along with the posts curated with SEO in mind.
•These videos will also be published on my platforms.

(1 spot available)

from $350

Conscious Cannabyss Club

Bohemian Trove by Mystic Mommy

Are you looking for guidance on how to go about connecting with cannabis?

Would you be willing to learn about the plant and how to plan for/own your experiences in your wellness journey with cannabis?

Are you curious about cannabis and how it could benefit your quality of life? Would you like guidance, recommendations, and moral support for your cannabis journey with me and others who are like minded in group live sessions?

Join my community here on Hi-Curious where I will share weekly educational content about cannabis! Livestreams for Q&A’s and dispensary hauls! You will be able to share your experiences with me and others in the group, and you will basically have me on retainer for whenever you have questions or concerns when it comes to picking strains, methods of consumption, dosage, etc.

To be clear, I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. I will provide you with consulting services to support your wellness journey with cannabis!

In addition to communing with canna, we'll discuss wellness techniques, spirituality, and how it ties into cannabis.

This membership also includes exclusive content and special discounts to my Etsy shop! Enjoy responsibly!

from $21.99