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Levi Carruth
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I am a dad to 4 young kids, a caregiver to a multiple stroke survivor that is my spouse and a carpenter by trade. I am an avid cannabis connoisseur as well as advocate who seeks to break the stigmas associated with cannabis use and parenting. I also have a major focus on safe and free medical access. I currently work with emerald bay extracts who is a company I align with. I have to believe in the companies I work with and their missions. I truly love RSO and high potency oils. I am a major advocate for organic growing and clean consumption. I have over a decade of experience curating cohesive and exciting descriptions, reviews and online content. I am a dad who wants to work with companies that care as much about me and my family as I do them and their missions as well as their families. I have a strong loyal organic following which I am lucky to call each one a friend indeed. I am looking for opportunities to work with smaller craft/artisan companies over the big guys but I do not discriminate. Good cannabis is good cannabis no matter where or who it comes from. We can find our highest quality of life with open minds and hearts.

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Product review w/effects

Da Dank Dad Levi by Levi Carruth

For this offer, the company would provide me the product they desire me to try and review. This entails, packaging details, labeling on package, counts for levels as well as how to open. Then we dive into consumption method and from there we will go into total effects after full onset of effects is realized with an in depth, cohesive review to finish it up.

from $100

Proprietary reels

Da Dank Dad Levi by Levi Carruth

For this offer I will create reels for the company based on products they provide me including packaging, dispensing, consumptions and full effects. This is accompanied by a description write up including strain information and full in depth review. These are proprietary and would not be posted on my own channel-only shared from the company page.

from $150